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NZ Ties’ new range of scarves offers a fantastic way to coordinate partners’ wardrobes, ensuring a harmonious and stylish look for any occasion. Pairing a scarf with a matching tie creates a winning combination every time. Our collection features luxurious pashminas that are not only stylish but also warm, making them perfect for formal events and suitable for New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions. The range includes classic black, white, and ivory, along with a wide array of beautiful colour options to suit every taste.

Most of our pashminas boast a sophisticated sheen finish, providing a dressy and elegant look, but we also offer options in a more subtle finish for those who prefer a softer touch. Additionally, our chiffon scarves add a light and airy alternative, perfect for a touch of elegance without the extra warmth. The chiffon scarves drape beautifully, offering a delicate and feminine appeal that is perfect for both casual and formal settings.

The twill knit pashminas are another standout in our collection, known for their durability and luxurious texture. Twill, a type of textile weave characterized by its diagonal parallel ribs, enhances the fabric’s strength and adds a subtle sheen, making these scarves truly unique. The twill weave ensures that the scarf drapes elegantly, maintaining its shape and sophistication throughout the day.

Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the timeless appeal and exceptional craftsmanship of our scarves will be greatly admired and appreciated. Our collection offers something for everyone, from the luxurious warmth of pashminas to the light elegance of bubble chiffon scarves, ensuring you find the perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion.

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