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White X2.5cm Extra Large Braces Suspenders


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These white braces are a great addition to any wardrobe or kitting out your staff uniform. White braces, also known as suspenders, are a timeless fashion accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. These functional and stylish accessories are worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers, creating a distinctive and eye-catching look. White braces, in particular, exude a sense of classic elegance, making them a popular choice for formal occasions and vintage-inspired attire. Whether paired with a tuxedo for a black-tie event or combined with casual attire for a retro vibe, white braces are a versatile addition to any wardrobe, offering both style and functionality.

Width: 2.5cm

Length: 100cm

Best Fit for Height: 175-195cm

Pattern: Solid

Model: WX12025


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