Ties as Contemporary Fashion

A tie is a tie is a …. Not so! Wide, skinny, cravat, bow ties nz – they each have a place in business, formal events and in contemporary fashion trends. A tie also says a lot about the wearer. The choice of fabric, style and colour reveals a great deal about one’s taste and personality.

Wide or narrow? In practical terms, a necktie should be chosen not just in terms of the occasion, but also in relation to the style and size of jacket lapels – wide with wide and narrow with narrow. If you don’t own suits with narrower lapels and collars, but like narrow ties, you can work them into a more casual wardrobe with a shirt and sweater or jacket. This look is popular with younger wearers.

Traditionally, a necktie should be tied so that there is no collar space showing at the knot and the tip of the tie should end at the belt. However, contemporary tie fashion is as individual as the wearer and recent red carpet examples confirm that anything goes.

Popular colors for Spring, 2012 are marine blues: soft blue and turquoise, soft greens, yellow and gold. A tie that reflects the colour of the wearer’s eyes is a good choice for all seasons.
The bow tie has always been a statement of individuality. No longer just high end fashion, bow ties, worn with vests and sweaters, take day wear into the category of contemporary chic. They reflect individuality and also provide a flash of color near the face, lifting a wardrobe from mundane to stylish.

Cravats have a style all of their own. The fuller, more ebullient look is the perfect choice for exciting and celebratory occasions such as weddings and other events where the aim is colour, style and impact.

Cummerbunds are the ultimate statement of celebration and occasion, especially for weddings. The combination of cummerbund and bow tie is an impressive combination in a wedding party. Ideally the groomsmen wear a colour that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses, while the groom wears white to match the bridal gown.

Pocket squares, an almost forgotten fashion accessory until quite recently, add flair to suits, complementing neckties, cravats and bow ties. Designed to harmonize and complete the look, pocket squares are an inexpensive and very worthwhile addition to your wardrobe. Perfect with a bow tie and dress suit, they are also impressive when matched with standard necktie and business suit.
All neckwear allows you to change your appearance and style time and time again. A tie brings diversity and life to any wardrobe.

Are Ties Still in Fashion?

In the late twentieth century, ties were standard dress for both business and social occasions, but these days many men breath a sigh of relief when told open collar is fine. So where does the tie fit in today? Are ties still an important part of a good wardrobe?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. In fact, for the fashion conscious man, ties are now more popular than ever. A well-chosen tie is stylish and impressive and is now as much a fashion statement with the young as it is a wardrobe necessity with the traditional wearer.

Ties are also a great style investment because each tie purchased will match many shirts, immediately multiplying the number of available outfits in your closet. They are in fact the only fashion item that can boast of that.

So how do you choose and how do you keep up with the changing trends? Buying some quality ties, in a few classic colors and in both narrow and standard width, is the perfect way to be in fashion whatever the occasion and whatever the trend. Start your collection with the basic colors – black, grey, silver grey and mid or dark blue. A great choice for summer wearing, to compliment a sleek soft grey suit, would be a turquoise or cobalt blue tie. Diversify with other colour choices as your confidence grows. When it comes to ties, you can never own too many.

And, when you purchase your ties online at NZ Ties, those new ties will not tax your budget.

Cummerbunds for formal occasions and looks

The cummerbund is a wide, pleated belt, generally made of a silk finish fabric, and worn around the waist. It is generally worn with the pleats facing upwards.

Although they are not often seen outside of very formal occasions, especially in New Zealand where we are so far away from the pomp and ceremony of the British tradition, cummerbunds are still chosen for important occasions such as red carpet events and always worn with a matching bow tie. They’re also a fantastic step up in class for wedding attire.

When it comes to choosing a cummerbund, consider when, where and what will you be wearing it with. For official occasions, where tuxedos are the order of the day, black on black is traditional, but dark subtle tones – like the midnight blue cummerbund – allow for a distinctive touch without compromising the required formality of the occasion.

For more personal and celebratory occasions, like weddings, cummerbunds and bow ties that match the bridesmaids’ clothing create a great unifying look and impressive group photos.

Although the cummerbund may not be an accessory you have the opportunity to wear often, when you do have an important event to plan, it adds an impressive edge to that significant occasion.